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Daily Activities / Nutrition

ActivitiesSeniors who are enrolled in our center engage in daily activities that encompass all dimensions of wellness. These are emotional, spiritual, social, physical, health, and intellectual aspects. Engaging them in the following activities provide a sense of accomplishment and help them feel like a valued part of the community.

When you refer your loved one to our facility, he or she can participate in the following daily routine.

Daily activities are:

  • Morning announcement
  • Exercise
  • Rings tossing game
  • Black Jack, Poker game
  • ActivitiesBeans bags tossing game
  • Pool table
  • Bingo
  • Cross word puzzles
  • Physical therapy
  • Social interaction
  • Dance
  • Healthy nutrition education
  • Shopping

It is vital for the older member of your family to eat healthy meals on a regular basis. You can guarantee that nutritious food is served for your loved one in our center.

Daily meals and snacks:Nutrition

90% of our daily meals and snacks are prepared in our commercial kitchen by our three chefs.
85% of our products and vegetables are fresh and direct from farmers’ market.

  • Fresh fruits, cookies, rice cakes, snickers, fruit juice for morning/afternoon snacks
  • Fresh daily Asian food for breakfast and lunch
  • All day alternative kinds of food are fresh fruits/bread/coffee/tea/juice/milk

Allow us to help your loved one in attaining and maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Contact us for more information.