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ServicesAs a resident of Wellness Adult Day Services, Inc., your senior loved one has access to a variety of amenities. He or she will engage in daily wellness routines. This means that your elderly family member can participate in activities and receive care that addresses his or her emotional, spiritual, social, mental, environmental, health, and physical aspects.

Our programs and services fall into the following categories:

We have reliable and highly trained staff members who:


  • Provide general supervision
  • Interpret/translate Medications’ instructions
  • Supervise personal hygiene and physical health condition
  • Assist with daily activities and meals at WADS
  • Prepare healthy meals and snacks
  • Cater transportation service to/from the center
  • Offer free hair cut
  • Carry on fun programs such as summer picnic, camping, special tours.
  • Conduct special events such as Birthday Party, New Year Party, Mothers and Fathers’ Day Party, Valentine’s Day Party, Thanksgiving Day Party, Christmas Day Party
  • Maintain personal high blood pressure and diabetes
  • Provide personal support such as home visit, hospital visit, family and funeral issue, etc.
  • Assist with daily mails, bills, medications, medical appointments and follow-up
  • Support with social services such as DHS application, document reviews, eligible grants, home visit, housing, PCA services, etc.


Let your loved one be in the hands of capable and caring hands. Call or send us a message for more information.